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Joan-Carles Samaranch

Mobile: (+34) 607 300 700 - E-mail:

Motivation: "I like big challenges and well done job. As own qualities I would highlight: the high level of commitment, the analysis capacity and the skills for multidiscipline environment integration". - Last update: 2017-04-01
Personal Details: [home]
Birthdate and place: 18/2/1957, Sabadell (Barcelona - Spain)
Current address: C/ Migdia, 10, 2 - 08201 Sabadell (Spain)
Phones: (+34) 607 300 700 - (+34) 93 390 59 75 - (+34) 93 725 53 80

Education: [home]
MBA (Master in Business Administration). Emphasis: Enterprise Policy. (1991-1993).
ESADE (School of Administration and Management, Barcelona, Spain).

Telecommunication Engineer. Speciality: Communications. (1974-1980).
ETSETB (School of Telecommunication Engineering of Barcelona, UPC, Spain).

Spanish and Catalan, both mother languages.
English, French and Italian, fluently.

Professional Career: [home]
2007-present: iSOLUCIONS
Founder and Technology Coach in the areas of Telephony over Internet (VoIP), web programming and on-line databases, etc. Business management and new costumers acquisition.

Director of Operations: organization and coordination of productive departments of Tech Area, with about twenty people in my charge; sales control, planning and follow up of projects and resources.

2005-2006: INNOVA SERVEI
Responsible of Commercial and Technological Innovation Areas.

1997-2004: VODAFONE España, S.A. (before Airtel Móvil, S.A.)
2001.- Global Accounts & Corporates Manager. Communications consultant of multinational companies and big corporations.
2000.- Key Account Manager. Dedicated to development of global communications (mobile, fixed & internet) on biggest companies of Catalonia.
1997.- Large Accounts Sales Executive. Focused on strategic accounts. Budget widely reached.

1993-1997: BUSIHOLD, S.L.
Director of Communications Division. In charge of sales management, production organization and design of our own hardware (modems, radiofrequency links), customized projects, network design, Internet consultancy, etc.

1988-1991: WANG España, S.A.
Responsible for Communications and Networks of Systems, Business & Services Division. Giving support to Sales Department in pre-sales actions and advice on the offers, as well as technical assitance to the Service Department. Project coordination, consultancy, training, design and implementation of Computer Networks in National and International Large Accounts (City Council of Barcelona, Ford, Arthur Andersen, Savings Bank of Manlleu, Basque Government, etc.).

1983-1988: Hispano OLIVETTI, S.A.
1988.- In charge of Communications Sales Support of Direct Direction (whole own sales force: Large Accounts, Small and Medium Accounts, Public Sector, Banking).
1985.- In charge of Communications Sales Support of Small and Medium Accounts Division.
1983.- Word Processing Systems Engineer, with the objective of giving support to Office Products Division in the launching of new Word Processing products.

1981-1983: Commodore Business Machines (Microelectrónica & Control, S.A.).
Responsible for Marketing Department: keeping in contact with dealers network, launching new hardware and software products, attending international meetings, etc.

Other courses: [home]
PhD. courses:
"Electronic Mail X.400" (1985)
"Financial computer applications" (1985).

Other courses:
"WiMAX wireless networks: aplications and projects". ACET (2007).
"VPNs for enterprises". ACET (2006).
"Innovation Management". ACET (2006).
"VoIP: Voice over IP". ACET (2005).
"Power Base Selling Workshop". Holden International (2002).
"Professional Skills of Selling". TMT (1997).
"Access Networks to Internet". ACET (1997).
"ISO 9000". ACET (1996).
"Quality Leadership Process". WANG Lab. Inc. (1990).
"Information Technologies and Enterprise Strategies". UNTEC (1990).

Miscellaneous: [home]
Sports & hobbies:
Golf. Skiing. Sailing. Scuba diving. Paragliding. Travelling. Swimming. Radio amateur. Music.

Secretary-General of European Radio Amateurs' Organization (2009-).
Member of the Board of College of Telecommunication Engineers of Catalonia (2009-2011).
President of Club Master ESADE (1992-1993).
President of Federación Digital de España (1992-).
President of DIGIGRUP-EA3 (1989-1993).

"Packet Radio (AX.25): digital communication for radio amateurs". First Scientific Meeting of Amateur Groups. Autonomic Government of Catalonia (1987).